Meet Aaron Nance 

We Focus on making your weaknesses your strengths. 

Aaron Nsnce

Professional Basketball and Personal Trainers

Focus Fitness was established to give training an entire new meaning. At Focus Fitness, our primary focus is the client. We will create a workout program that is tailored to the clients needs, and help them build on their weaknesses and strengthen their strengths. Our goal at Focus Fitness is making sure our clients are meeting and/or maintaining their goal while having fun in the process. 

We care about our clients and make sure that our workouts are tailored to that specific individual. We do not offer one style of workout, but a multitude to accommodate all age levels for boys, girls, men, and women. A key contributor to staying healthy and fit is stretching after every workout. After a workout with a team member at Focus Fitness, we would be sure to stretch and to recommend stretching exercises that you can do at your convenience. 

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